Thursday, April 04, 2013

Life on Mars

I had some time this morning to try a project - find interesting textures around my house and make abstract images from them. Easy enough, and I came in with little vision for what the final product would look like except that I wanted them to be unrecognizable from their original form.

If this works well, you won't have any idea what these things are, and I'll bet you a doughnut you can't guess but 1 or 2.

The fun part was that as I processed the photos, I found myself envisioning a lunar/Martian landscape - barren, rocky, cold, colorless...and a little weird. Maybe with an alien! Check these out and I hope you find them cool. Bonus points for guessing what they are in the comments.

Images from the Mars Rover?

Mountains of the Moon

A Martian Approaches!


Flying Objects

A Foreign Sky at Night


Samantha said...

Cool project. I'm going to guess:
- Flour
- No idea. A concrete surface that's seen better days? Cheese? [Also, my favorite photo of the group]
- Cat's whiskers
- Microplane grater
- Ceiling/wall junction.

Alex Atterbury said...

Pretty close, Sam, and I love that you guessed :)
(1) Stone
(2) Stone (actually 6-in from #1), with a jade plant leaf that fell
(3) Cat!
(4) Shower head
(5) Two walls, but they are the same color