Saturday, February 09, 2013

Tickling the Ivories

Okay, "ticking the ivories" generally means "playing piano," but I got this wrong as an extra credit question back in 10th grade and since then been looking to get "brushing your teeth" as an accepted second meaning. Now it's on the internet. Boom.

Not too much to say here, as this image was neither premeditated nor does it exemplify anything other than framing the subject as best I could and taking lots of shots. Pretty simple Lightroom processing (a little dodging, cropping, vignetting, fixing some highlights).

I'm a sucker for black and white, but I'm including this as both color and b&w in case others feel differently (e.g. family members that are totally going to make this the background on their desktops).

ISO 200  45mm  F1.8  1/30 sec

The young starlet ticking the ivories

Brush your teeth.