Friday, October 14, 2011

Apples and Toddlers and Presets, oh my!

A recent apple-pickin' excursion left me full of photos to play with...and so many delicious, delicious apples...mmmmmmmm. Gorgeous day, tons apples, good company - photogenic and memorable.

Back home on the computer I initially tried my normal approach - fix the exposure and white balance, dodge and burn a little, get a little more life in the colors...export! However the results just weren't quite what I was looking for, a bit too daylight-y, perhaps. High time to try some presents I downloaded free from the internet (full credit to Lightroom Killer Tips).

The particular preset I uses was called Wedding Day, which seems incongruent, but after applying it I just felt it was right. The rough list of changes it makes are a magenta shift of the tint, some vignetting, a reduction in saturation and vibrance, a slight under-exposure, and an increase in the blacks. This seems the opposite of what I normally do, especially the desaturation of color, and it's no surprise that these images look little like the rest of the ones I've made lately.

Of course they weren't done and I did some additional futzing to get just what I wanted. The edit trail is 30-50 change long for some of these as I kept tweaking, but I didn't change the essence of the preset's style.

Here are a couple of my favorites with the camera jpeg on the left and the one I made with the preset on the right (all at ISO 200 with +0.3 exposure compensation and a 45-200mm lens).

And one more of me with the little apple chomper. I don't often take a turn on this side of the lens :)

Peace out.