Saturday, April 07, 2012

Taking Advantage of an Uber-Early Spring

It's the first weekend in April and the lilacs are already blooming, and ignoring the ominous portent of being over a month ahead of the normal seasons, this was a wonderful opportunity to take the kiddo to the UW Arboretum this morning. Of course I brought the camera, silly!

Leah sported a purple sweatshirt, which paired very well with the flowers, and don't you know that green and purple are a nice combo with the color wheel? I took tons of shots and when I returned to my trusty Lightroom I found that pumping up the vibrance was the key to giving these photos some pop. In addition, these were nearly all portraits, so I used a healthy dose of post-crop vignetting and dodged the faces quite a bit. The only other remarkable adjustment was consistently darkening the shadows so that I could get a little more contrast.

I'll skip the rest of the details and show you the best of the shots I took. Cheers!
--All taken with a 45-200mm lens at max aperture (4.0-5.8) at ISO 200